DOLI (42° 48'N; 17° 48'E), cove and village (pop. 253 in 1991) in Budima bay (Kolocep Channel), about 3.5 miles NW of Slano.

Approach: Landmark: a red iron tower with a column (a red light) on the head of the breakwater.

Mooring: The cove affords protection from all winds except the sirocco. Only small yachts can moor at the breakwater in the small harbour (depths 1.23.8 m). Larger yachts can anchor in inlet, Budima cove, between the coves of Janska and Budima, about 500 m offshore (depths 4060 m). As this anchorage is exposed to the bora and to southerlies, it is suitable for temporary stays only.

Sights: Remnants of the Roman castrum Pardua at Zamaslina (5 km NW). In the village the church Gospino Uznesenje (Assumption of the Holy Virgin), with several medieval tombstones around it, defence tower (late 16 C) built for protection against pirates.


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