RIVANJ (44° 09'N; 15° 03'E), small harbour on the W coast of the island of Rivanj; on the hill above the harbour is the village of Rivanj (pop. 20 in 1991).

Approach: Landmarks: the white tower with a column and gallery (green light) on the head of the breakwater.

Mooring: The breakwaters protect the harbour from the northerlies and partly from the sirocco. Smaller yachts can moor only along the inner end of the bigger breakwater (depth 3 m), the outer end being reserved for the coastal lines.

Due to the strong currents in Rivanjski kanal (up to 4 knots) anchoring in it is not recommended.

Facilities: Provisions and other shopping in local shops.

Local passengers lines: see Zadar.

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