Rovinj – the most romantic town

Posted on Nov 09 2011


According to the American TV journalist, Ashley Colburn, winner of the Emmy award for the documentary series called Wonders of Croatia, Rovinj is the most romantic town she has ever visited.

After the fifth episode of the documentary about Croatia, filmed in Istria, has been shot, the journalist was fascinated by the town of Rovinj so much that she wanted to remain and live there.

The journalist was interviewed by and hasn’t hidden her enthusiasm about the small city located on the western coast of Istria.

‘We have already shot five of seven episodes of the Wonders of Croatia series. We are currently filming in Istria of which I liked Rovinj the most.

In fact, I would like to live in Rovinj, I reckon it is the most romantic town of all towns I visited by now.

I am in love with Rovinj. After I’ve travelled through the whole world, I think Rovinj is one of the favourite towns I have visited.

Travelling around the world you do not encounter much places like this one'.

Visibly fascinated by the town and its citizens, the journalist made a joke:

‘They have to stop feeding me here. Please! No more wine, brandy or smoked ham.

This morning we had to wake up rather early as we went hunting for truffles. I actually managed to find one big as a fist which we later used for omelette. That was a nice prize for getting up so early. So, we’ve been fed very well here in Istria'.

‘I love Croatia and everything that has something to do with it. I could really live here. I would like to stay here even after the shooting is finished.

One day I would like to obtain Croatian citizenship’, said Ashley without hiding her disappointment for having to leave Croatia after the shooting, adding: ‘I was impressed by Croatia since the very beginning and it has stolen my heart.  I know I will come back'.

After her journey through Istria and whole Adriatic coast, the journalist summarized her astonishment and impressions in few words: ‘As a world traveller I can say I saw how people live and the fact that they do not appreciate where they live. These are the reasons why I learnt to appreciate to be here in Croatia enjoying its beauties.