Elan 350 – the best boat in 2011

Posted on Jan 26 2012


Each year the “Water Sports Oscars” is awarded for the best boat produced by the most important European shipbuilding companies. The award is assigned in four categories at the Nautical Fair in Dusseldorf.

After exhaustive testing which lasts for several months, the jury which consists of editors in chief and examiners of eleven leading European nautical magazines assigns that award to the best boat.

Boats are evaluated according to their performances, comfort, quality in construction and design.

Jochen Rieker, editor in chief of the YACHT magazine, was impressed by the level of quality in construction and innovations found at all boats, which made the choice of the best boat for 2011 even harder.

Elan's sensational boat Elan 350, in "Performance Cruiser" class, was proclaimed the best European boat in 2011 thanks to its revolutionary design signed by famous Rob Humphreys.

Several members of the jury said that, if they were buying the boat they would choose exactly Elan 350 whilst Toby Hodges from Yachting World’s magazine was thrilled after ‘sailing through’ Elan 350 saying that he couldn’t remember the last time he had that much fun on a boat.

The jury agreed that Elan 350 offers the best services if you are looking for the balance between sport characteristics and practical "cruising" sailing boat and that at the market there are so many shipbuilders that claim that they can offer the aforementioned, but not many of them can really do so.

Try the quality offered by the new Elan 350 and sail through Adriatic.