Anthony Bourdain in Croatia

Posted on Nov 22 2011


One of the most famous world TV stars with regard to the gastronomy and travelling, as well as the author of the cult book “Kitchen Confidential” and some other bestsellers, visited Croatia.

His world famous show “No Reservations” has 120 million fans all over the world and in the eighth season the number increased due to a very simple, but interesting scenario in which Anthony visits foreign countries where he tastes autochthonous culinary specialties, meets with local customs and ingredients and flavours all that with his recognizable cynical humour.

In each country, Anthony has at his disposal a guide who, in an unusual way, reveals him the gastronomic secrets and introduces him to the Diet culture.

In Croatia, his fellow was the famous Croatian chef Mate Janković.

Taking him through Croatian gastro delicacies, they visited the town of Pag, Skradin, Rovinj and other several places in Istria and enjoyed in excellent Croatian food, wine and beautiful landscape.

During the shooting that lasted eight days, Anthony and Mate tried fishing, enjoyed in traditional Croatian honey liqueur medica, went to chase the famous Istrian truffles and ate the best Adriatic Sea fish.

According to the Anthony Bourdain’s posts on Twitter where he informed his fans about his experiences in Croatia, he gave a hint he’s extremely satisfied with Croatian cuisine and everything that has been offered to him.

Croatian episode of “No Reservations” show will be broadcasted in March and according to Bourdain's assumptions this will be a large promotion of Croatian cuisine and of Croatia itself.