Why Should You Consider Sailing in Croatia?

Posted on Jul 02 2009

Sailing Croatia

A flotilla of dazzling white yachts glides into a sheltered cove. The put-put-put of their motors is no competition for the evening choir of cicadas. The whiteness of the yachts seems startling, a vivid contrast to the sea’s hypnotic palette of blues and turquoises...the deep orange roof tiles of a thousand-year-old town...the green pine woods beyond.

At Yacht Base we could not be more passionate about Croatia; a small maritime country at the heart of Europe offers you the chance to discover the closest thing to the Mediterranean of years gone by.

Unspoiled, relaxed, beautiful, and safe, Croatia is one of Europe’s loveliest treasures. Everything a discriminating visitor--or homebuyer--is looking for can be found right here: crystal-clear seas, timeless fishing villages and unspoiled beaches, Roman ruins, a pristine lake district, and medieval walled cities.

Every twist and turn of the coastline serves up grandstand views of secret coves, little harbours, and calm turquoise waters. In the Adriatic Sea, a galaxy of islands-in all 1,185 of them.

The French legend Jacques Cousteau, esteemed biologist and oceanographer, once described Croatia’s waters as the cleanest and clearest in the world. When you come here, you simply must take a boat and go out into the Adriatic and you’ll be astounded at how far down into the depths you can see.

Source: International living magazine