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Traveler included the cruising along the Adriatic in the 50 best trips in the world

Posted on Jun 06 2011

National Geographic's magazine Traveler included the cruising on the old sailing boats along the Croatian coast within 50 best trips in the whole world. 

Each year, this magazine makes a top list and among thousands of destinations chooses those which differ from others and which should be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Searching through the trips offered by eminent agencies and respectable tour operators, the author of the list, journalist Margaret Loftus, included those spots that provide tourists with possibility of meeting and experience far cultures in detail which will never forget.

The list includes family trips, cruises with small ships designed to provide a special experience, adventure and volunteer tours and all that in accordance with ecological sustainability and stimulating the creation of cultural bonds.

Croatia deserved its place on the list with cruises on old sailing boats which once were main suppliers of ingredients for islanders and inhabitants living along the whole Adriatic shore. Today they are renovated and furnished to host 20 – 40 guests, they cruise through the clean and beautiful sea visiting ancient medieval walled cities, beautiful beaches and bays as well as picturesque fishermen’s villages.

Traveler points out the extremely convenient relation of the price and the quality offered because within some ten trips or tours in Europe, this package is the most convenient, although the list includes the tours from the usually more convenient Romania and Bulgaria.

At the moment the fleet has 40 vessels whilst this year  it will be expanded for the most luxurious vessel of "de luxe" category. The offer covers the entire Croatian coast: Istria and Kvarner, central Dalmatia, Dubrovnik and numerous Adriatic islands.

Thanks to the beautiful blue sea, pleasant climate and relaxing atmosphere on old sailing boats as well as the excellent gastronomic offer, Croatia is so retro and so Mediterranean, concluded the Traveler.


Source and photo:  Novi List