The best way to spend your holidays in Croatia

Posted on Nov 04 2009

Holidays In Croatia

Many of us only have one or two weeks to go on a trip, relax, explore foreign country, have some fun and create beautiful memories that will keep us satisfied until the next holiday. We wonder where to go, what to see and do, and often find ourselves wanting more free time to discover it all. So, don’t waste your precious time trying to do and see everything. Just follow our simple guide and you’ll have the best Croatian holidays ever.

Choose a hobby or follow your true passion. Croatia has so much more to offer then just sun and sea; it’s a country where one can enjoy in his/her hobbies, whether it’s sailing, bird watching and hiking, diving, snorkelling, rafting or fishing. Don’t worry if you prefer gastronomy, food and wine tasting because there are few agencies that will provide you with the huge list of places where you can attend many festivals, find out more about wine making, olive oil, traditions and culture. Travelling with a theme is the best way to go off the track and visit many hidden Croatian treasures.

Charter holidays give you the best opportunity for exploring coastal Croatia from the sea. Although many think of this as one of the expensive ways to travel, the truth is completely different. Ancient buildings, enchanting bays and harbours, sea world and great cuisine are all accessible from your vessel. It’s your chance to experience the real Croatia with your family and friends.

Make a plan and prepare. As said many times before, true joy comes from the quality, rather then quantity. Keep that in mind while packing your bags and making a list of all the things you want to do and see. If you only have one week, spend it wisely. Visit smaller area around the nearest city; find the one of many National and Nature Parks in close vicinity, choose one accommodation type for the whole week which will be much cheaper, and have at least one day to go inland. Discover differences between the ways of life, traditions and gastronomy. Remember, this is your vacation, your much needed holiday after a busy year so take some time to plan it carefully so you don’t miss out on interesting festivals, gatherings, concerts and fairs.

Decide when to go. Perhaps it’s not up to you, but if you can choose when to go on your vacation, be aware of the climate and the weather and of course if it’s the high or low season. July and August are the most popular months for obvious reasons like warm weather and sea, but that also has a price; a very higher price when it comes to marinas, hotels, restaurants and other activities, and these months include also more traffic and jams and crowded beaches. The best time for sailing is probably in May, June and September, with May being a bit fresh and the sea a bit colder. Consider experiencing autumn in Croatia. Weather and sea are still superb for swimming in September and October, and there are no waiting in lines for bus tickets and ferries, no worries about sun burns and getting up early in the morning to find free space for your towel on the beach. And yes, prices are much cheaper and there are many agencies and tour operators with last minute packages and inexpensive tours.

Blend in. Don’t hesitate to try to learn a little Croatian. True, this is not obligatory as almost everyone speaks good English and several other languages. But, why not give it a go and learn a few phrases, perhaps surprise your host with at least saying hello or thanking him for a great time. Look around, breathe in that fresh air and interact with the locals. You may learn a lot; where you can try the best food in that area, which beach is more suitable for you if you prefer naturism, what to order to taste the real Croatian flavour etc.

Is your pet coming with you? Relax and enjoy because many hotels and vessels allow you to bring your furry pet with you. Get some information with the authorities to see if your pet has been properly vaccinated before going on a trip. Keep in mind that some beaches and restaurants are not pet friendly, so check this before your departure. There are local pet hotels whose owners will be more than happy to take care for your pet for a couple of days or even transfer you all to your hotel or airport.

Remember, Croatia is the land of variety, so no matter the time and the place, with proper information you can have the time of your life. Whether you’re travelling as a single, as a family or with your friends and co-workers, you’ll discover and enjoy even more than planned. And that’s the main reason why many return to this charming land, its vast fields, warm and clear waters, friendly hosts and magnificent culture and traditions. We wish you a pleasant journey over the mountains and hills, the well known waterfalls and rivers, secret caves and into the depths of the blue Adriatic Sea.