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The National Park Plitvice Lakes nominated for the Wonder of Nature

Posted on Jan 18 2009

National Park Plitvice

The absolutely stunning Croatian National Park Plitvice Lakes is in the competition for the new seven Wonders of Nature. The only Croatian candidate is in the running for the title of the miracles of nature, together with other 261 nominated nature sites from 222 countries around the world.

Plitvice, among others also competes with Mount Everest, Loch Ness, Grand Canyon, Kalahari, Victoria falls etc.

This particular competition is organised by the Swiss non-profit foundation New 7 Wonders. The last time selection was made in 2007 seven Wonders of Nature were selected to carry that particular title until 2011. The new selection is in progress to find new seven wonders to take over in 2011 and the Plitvice Lakes made it to the quarter finals.

It is expected that more than one billion people will vote for their candidate until final seven is selected.

The national park Plitvice lakes has sixteen lakes, separated in the upper and lower cluster, known by their characteristic colour, mixing stunning blue, green, gray and dark blue shades. The colours are constantly changing depending on the amount of minerals or organisms in the water and the angle the light is falling on the lakes�€™ surface.

Source: Jutarnji List