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The Blue Flag Awarded to 135 beaches and marinas locations in Croatia

Posted on Sep 13 2009

Blue Flag

The Blue Flag, an international label signifying a clean environment and a high level of development and facilities, has been awarded to 135 locations in Croatia: 115 beaches and 20 marinas. Interestingly, apart from seaside beaches, blue flags are fluttering on seven continental beaches this year: the Aquacity beach near Varazdin and six beaches of the sports and recreational centre Jarun in Zagreb.

The well-known criteria for awarding the Blue Flag are high water quality, the regular measurement of the water quality and the clearly specified rules of conduct and educational programs. Also the safety of swimmers and insurance of measures aimed at preventing such cases. Importantly, the ecological issues are examined as well and responsiveness to any possible ecological disaster.

The beaches also need to have access to drinking water, and at least one beach within a city or municipality needs to ensure access to the beach and sanitation facilities for the disabled. Criteria for awarding the Blue Flag to marinas have been specially devised, and they include protection of the environment, high-level development and facilities, educational programs and sanitation facilities.

The Blue Flag Programme is owned and run by the Copenhagen-based independent non-profit organisation Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). The coordinator for Croatia is the association ‘Lijepa Nasa’.

Source: Lijepa Nasa Association