Mali Losinj has won the "Silver Flower of Europe" award

Posted on Nov 17 2009

Mali Losinj

The city of Mali Losinj recieved the Silver Flower of Europe award in Cardiff, in the annual competition among 5700 European cities. This “Entente Florale Europe” was given to this magnificent city and island due to its beauty, arrangement and quality of life. International Commission for the Golden Flower of Europe, composed of 12 member countries, spent two days in Mali Losinj during June, which was the only town outside the EU that was high on the list of this competition.

This Commission evaluated the beauty of the landscape, cleanliness and environmental quality, preservation and care oh historical heritage, tradition and culture, and of course, good education and upbringing of the youth. The President of the jury, Monika Hetch from Austria, said there were no doubts about Mali Losinj. This little Croatian paradise was described as a beautiful green island where a lot of attention is given to the arrangement of the environment and vegetation and whose inhabitants are considered to be great hosts, always ready to help you and show you hidden treasures.

And no one can disagree with judges’ decision after visiting Mali Losinj even for a couple of hours. It gives you peace and quiet, authentic seaside atmosphere, extraordinary scent of the sea, eternally green pine trees that provide you not just shade but unique Mediterranean experience. It’s certainly no wonder when you find this island described in brochures as “the perfect holiday resort for complete refresh of your body and soul“ because it’s true and you can make sure of it during the whole year.

Don’t hesitate to explore it while walking, hiking or cycling. There’s so much to see and do if you prefer active holiday. And for those who wish to be enchanted with its history and culture, there is The antique, approximately 2000-year-old bronze statue of the Greek athlete Apoxyiomenos , found in the Losinj Sea. One of the interesting facts about this island is definitely the bottlenose dolphin. The area around the island of Losinj is their habitat in the Northern Adriatic, which is indicative of an exceptional level of cleanness of the sea. Thanks to the exceptional characteristics of the climate and flora, which consists of over 1,000 plant species, many of which are healing, the island of Losinj was declared a health resort in 1892. In this oasis of peace you can enjoy the nature that is preserved in its full splendor and beauty. Also, situated in the Augusta bay and rich in fish, Losinj is the best-known sport and fishing centre of the Adriatic.

Croatia is proud of this intact island, its beauty and greenness, mild Mediterranean climate, magnificent marine world and its charm as a unique Adriatic island and the fact that it took only two days for the 12 foreign members of the Commission to give Losinj well deserved award.