Love on a deserted Galesnjak island - Island of love

Posted on Feb 16 2009

Island of Love

After being noticed by the Google Earth users, the small heart-shaped island in the Pasman channel on the Croatian Adriatic has become a hit destination for a day of falling in love.

Since being discovered by Google Earth and featuring on ABC and CNN TV networks one of the co-owners Vlado Juresko received numerous applications from couples all over the world to spend Valentine’s Day on the island.

'Sound is incredible. I think this is the most perfect island in the shape of heart in the world, "said Vlado Juresko, whose family owns about 130,000 square meters on the island Galesnjak, now known as the Island of love.

Mr Juresko continued and said; 'the island is completely deserted, so couples who wish to spend time alone, have the whole island to themselves”.

'We always thought that the island has a form of heart, but now when Google Earth and confirmed that, it seems to me as if the whole world wants to spend the night there; Vlado Juresko said.

Source: Slobodna Dalmacija
Photo: Google Earth