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Croatia is the second in Europe for the cleanliness of the sea and bathing waters

Posted on Jun 17 2011

European Environment Agency and European Commission in their Annual Report positioned Croatia at the second place for the cleanliness of the sea and bathing waters.

At the first place is Cyprus whilst after Croatia there are Malta, Greece, Ireland and then all other European countries. Water samples were took on beaches, rivers and lakes but shall be mentioned that 70% of examined water samples comes from the coastal sea areas.

More than 21 000 samples taken in various European locations were analysed for the presence of metals, chemical and industrial toxins but also the bacteriological analysis was performed.

Directress of the European Environment Agency, Jacqueline McGlade says that clean bathing water is very important not only for the EU citizens but also to all tourists that according to this information are looking for the highest quality. She also mentioned that today when industrialization and men influence on the climatic changes, they carefully monitor all changes in quality of bathing waters and that there is a space for improvements in some parts of the Europe.

Preserving the nature and current state is the commitment of all of us as it enables us to enjoy the clean air and sea, admire the marvellous natural beauties and leave the planet even nicer to those generations that come after us.


Source: tportal.hr

Photo: Republic of Croatia Ministry of Tourism


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