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Posted on Jul 30 2009

Croatia Summer Festivals

Wine tasting, sailing, scuba diving, festivals, pristine beaches, history and culture...if only there were one place to find them all. Discover the spot that has it all - Croatia. Whether you prefer from great architecture to fine dining on a meal where every course has truffles, this is your country. Fortunately Croatia it's affordable, uncrowded and locals are English speaking.

Take your time reviewing the upcoming events in this article

Dubrovnik, July 10 - August 25:
Croatia’s premier cultural event: an international festival of music, theatre and dance in beautiful city of Dubrovnik. This year’s Festival is dedicated to Marin Drzic, famous poet born in Dubrovnik 500 years ago. The unique ambient of the closed and open-air stages will host about 80 plays, ballets, operas and musical performances, literary events, exhibitions, poetry recitals and more. Libertas, motto of historic Dubrovnik Republic (Ragusa), is also used as a logo for the Festival.

Pula, July 18 - 25.
This already traditional film festival is taking place in Arena, Pula’s coliseum dating back to 1st century and Roman emperor Vespasian. During the festival, this amphitheatre becomes one of the largest movie theatres in the world (up to 8,000 seats). The awards are given to the best competing Croatian movies, and selected international movies are also shown in non-competition category. Pula Film Festival was first held back in 1954, and in 2001 it became international because it started showing foreign movies as well.

Zagreb, July 1-31.
Capital of Croatia, Zagreb, is a host to traditional summer festival - Zagreb Summer Evenings. Lovers of all kinds of music will have a chance to enjoy in classical, jazz or ethnic musical performances. Walking through the streets of Downtown, or Upper Town, sounds of music can be heard on every corner. During the 25 years that the festival exists, it was a host to not only famous and established musicians, but also to young and coming talented artists with new approach to music, ensuring that the program always remains fresh and interesting.

Kastav, July 4 - August 30.
Kastav is a picturesque town close to the city of Rijeka on northern Adriatic coast. During summer months, Kastav becomes a centre where many cultural events take place. Concerts, theater and dance performances and much more is happening in this small inland town that’s becoming more popular as a tourist destination in the past few years. This is the 18th edition of this great cultural event.

Labin, July 1 - August 20.
Labin is a beautiful town in continental Istria. This summer it will be competition to better known Istrian town of Motovun, known for its film festival and also situated inland Istria. During the days of Labin Art Republic, this picturesque town transforms into one big art stage. Its “Small Theatre”, church, old square, streets and steps become alive with performances. A capella singers, orchestras of classic and folklore music, jazz bands - all of them take part in this great festival. In August, as a second part of The Labin Art Republic, the Festival of Visual Theatre takes place, and actors take place of musicians who reigned during July. Many theatre plays will be staged, most of them with completely new visual identity.

Rab, Island of Rab, July 25 - 27.
Rapska Fjera is an event reviving time and spirit of Middle Ages taking place together with celebration held in honour of St. Christopher, patron saint of the island of Rab. The Rab Fair - Medieval Days presents customs, trades and life as it was in those long gone days. Entire population of Rab dresses in medieval fashion during Rapska Fjera, taking part in events, competitions and presentations of old trades and hand-made products being exhibited on the streets of Rab. This popular manifestation draws many tourists because of its originality and beautiful settings where it takes place.

Split, July 14 - August 14.
This year marks 55th anniversary of Split Summer Festival. This cultural festival of opera, theatre, dance and music is taking place on locations in and around the city, including the Diocletian’s Palace. Besides city’s National Theatre, many artists and performers from different countries will take place in this year’s events. Split Summer is one of Croatia’s oldest and most known cultural summer festivals, dating back to 1954.

Source: HTZ