Ancient shipwreck discovered in the Croatian Adriatic

Posted on Apr 17 2010

Ancient Shipwreck

The island of Cres was always one of the favourite holiday resorts in the Northern Adriatic but thanks to the sensational discovery it’ll become interesting spot for archaeology enthusiasts as well. In the area around Cape Tarej, in just over two meters below the surface of crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, amateur divers found the remains of a Roman merchant ship and this could be one of the most valuable and the most interesting archaeological findings of its kind on the Adriatic.

This wouldn’t be the biggest surprise if the ship was found during underwater research, and if it was far from the coast in the depths of the sea. But, the whole story was given a special interest because of the fact that this ancient sensation was located only about ten meters away from the well known beach, usually overcrowded with lots of people during the summer. For over two millennia it laid there unnoticed at only two and a half meters below, just underneath of the feet of many swimmers.

Experts from the Archaeology Department of the University of Zadar confirmed that divers found a wreck of a Roman merchant ship, whose total length exceeds 15 meters and which was well hidden, only to be revealed due to the recent underwater currents that moved many layers of sand from its surface. It was found at the site which used to be just the edge of beaches so it could have been stranded on the coast and abandoned by its crew. On the other hand, because of its age and constructions it could have also been one of the many ships that took part in the great naval battle in the civil war between Pompey and Caesar. Although this is still unconfirmed assumption, it wouldn’t be so surprising that the ship was damaged in one of such battles.

The ship is yet to be fully researched and experts hope to discover more about it, and afterwards burry it because pulling the ship out would only harm its sides and it could fall apart. When it comes to its finders, divers are overwhelmed with their expedition and search findings as it all begun as only fishing and diving for squids and octopus. Perhaps there’ll be more this sort of findings because time and nature have been keeping many secrets from us all. And who knows, maybe your quick swim will turn out to be revelation of another one, well kept for many years.

Source: Novi List